Statement from the ABOR on UofA decision to part ways with Miller

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“On behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents, we stand behind President Robbins and his decision to lead the University of Arizona men’s basketball program in a new direction. President Robbins is committed to the excellence, integrity and success of this proud program, which is so vital to the UArizona brand and reputation. President Robbins has met with the board repeatedly and has kept us apprised of his decisions during what has been a challenging period. We look forward to a fresh start that will be made possible by President Robbins’ choice in new leadership. To the Wildcat community – including students, staff members, alumni and loyal fans – let’s join together in continued support of the University of Arizona and all of its student athletes as they begin this new chapter together.” - Arizona Board of Regents Chair Larry Edward Penley

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They can all go pack sand as far as I'm concerned. The timing of the decision lacks all manner of logic. If they wanted to come away from this decision looking like dumbbells they have absolutely achieved their goals. Educated people lacking the common sense God provided creatures like pack mules -- go figure.

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The lack of leadership from Robbins and Heeke is astounding. Did anyone get the feeling Heeke was talking out of the side of his mouth when asked about certain topics?
The fact that no one stood up for Miller during the ESPN mess is the only thing I needed to know about this so called "Leadership"
If there was proof then fine fire him but to this date Miller was never implicated in ANY of this besides being the coach at the time.

Now what really happened here anyone remember the wiretap story on Dawkins and Co when Miller was on tape supposedly discussing paying players with no actual proof?
Guess who made the decision at that time to Fire Miller....
This stinks to the end because to this day Miller has never been found doing anything illegal or offering money.. but hey if the media says its so then lay down and it is...
With any real leadership this wouldn't have happened and Robbins would not be so butt hurt.
But the fact that Miller states his mind and does not hold back a reason to let someone go in PC Robbins eyes because after all if your not PC and willing to lay down for the media then you dont belong here..
Great leadership leads and does not follow
With this I'm done supporting UA athletics until Robbins and Heeke are both gone

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Also interesting ABOR made it clear it was Robbins, while he Heeke claimed it was all his decision on his wack presser.

Both want to be the shiny star when all along it was Miller. They couldn’t handle Miller being the one that wears the pants in the athletic department.


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