Who should replace Heeke and Robbins when this gutless move ends badly?

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The search for a new AD should begin immediately, swiftly followed by the search for a new University President with a backbone and good sense. I wish them both extremely tough sledding for the foreseeable future. How unfortunate these men made their way to Tucson.

It's a great day to be alive!

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Steve Kerr

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Replacing a talking sock puppet and PC bobblehead shouldnt be to difficult....

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Could literally hire anyone and if would be an upgrade at this point.

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  • Beat assu
They have handled almost everything poorly in the eyes of the fans. I agree...get rid of these losers.


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You canít realistically let somebody go until you confirm whether they made the wrong decision(s)

If our basketball/football programs are flourishing under Damon/Fisch, this situation will be swept under the rug.

Itís similar to judging a new GM in the NFL: you have to wait and see if their vision was positive.

If Miller is making Final Fours at Rhode Island and Fisch isnít bowl eligible in a few years...this administration will be long gone.


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