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Back in the day Sean Miller played Solomon Hill at the 4 (PF) for a few minutes a game. This is even when we had Brandon Ashley and Grant Jerrett in the line-up.
Thus, I could see Josh Green or Terry Armstrong play Power Forward for a few minutes per game.
The first paragraph says it all... He is sharing his "believe" that Miller is cheating.  Well my kids still believe in Santa, the Easter bunny and tooth fairy!!  Please tell me we waited a year and a half to hear Dawkins on tape talking about how he "believes" Miller is cheating.  What a shit show!!
So, a video was played in court of Dawkins on a yacht where he is claiming had conversations with Miller about paying players. He is going to try and convince the judge tomorrow to change his mind about having Miller take the stand.  This is still just hearsay. Wake me up when they actually have proof & play a tape of Miller saying this.

Good stuff, and I am excited about the season, even if it will be the first one I don't buy season tickets for since Mackovic days.  I think they will probably be a 9-3 team unless Coach Sumlin turns out to be the first coach that we've had that doesn't lose the games we should win.  There are always 1-2 games where we basically choke.  I see us starting 5-0, losing 2 of the next 3, splitting Utah/Oregon, and beating ASU.  But, since I won't be there, I hope this year they make me really regret not being there!
You start dipping into the college football landscape & this thing would get out of hand.  There isn't one of 3,000 D-1 players on scholarship that hasn't received "something" for attending school.
Lots to be excited about this coming Football Season!

Receivers: Mitchell and Curry are both new and both ready to shine along with Cooper, Wolma, and the rest of the receivers.

CBs: Rolland-Wallace and Barnes both shining in the Spring along with the return of Whittaker, and Burns shows some real depth at CB for a change.

DBs: Young, Young, Young, and a bunch more. The DBs are solid and deep. Should be the strength of the D this year.

Others that will also shine this year are Pandy, Smith, Tilford, Brightwell, and Cooper. We will have a much more complete team than we have had recently with a good balance of the Offense and an improved Defense. Special Teams should be much improved as well and should pay big dividends.
Jace Whittaker

Difference maker in coverage a d now a vocal leader on D.
Colin Schooler

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