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If Trier can score 15 for the Knicks in one night, Simmons could have scored 50... NY needs to pick him up.
WOW - 15 more points than I thought he would ever score in the NBA...and in one night.

I WAS WRONG...way wrong, apparently, about him.
Arizona Wildcats Football / ASU-FURD
« Last post by Liquidated on Today at 12:20:14 AM »
Both of these teams are better at every nearly position and in every phase of the game than AZ. Save for Schooler and Taylor, I do not think ANYONE from AZ could play for Stanford or ASSwipeU.

ASU's QB sucks... but given the fact that no school has sucked more at any position in the history of college FB than Arizona has at QB, it is not right for us to criticize QB's.

REALLY depressed after this game. ASU lost, but their defense tonight would have shut us out. We're not going to beat them. 
I said early last year we should have Rhett at QB, Tate at RB, and Dawkins at TE.  I stand by that!

Princeton's 3 QB offense...
Arizona Wildcats Football / Re: SI Curse revisited
« Last post by Liquidated on Today at 12:11:21 AM »
Imagine if ESPN had done that...they would be insisting that there is a tape somewhere that proves them correct about everything...just no one can be allowed to hear it.
Oregon is officially off of Terry Armstrong's list and he's down to Arizona, Oklahoma, & New Mexico. Expect him to make his announcement next week. 😼
Book recently said he was still telling recruits they should go to Arizona. These are all good signs.  I also don't see how Book gets jail time especially if Quinerly plays at Villanova.
I Agree. This does seem like a good sign. It doesn’t look like Book has hard feelings towards Miller or the Arizona program. I wasn’t sure if Book would try and take the ship down with him, seeing this makes me feel better about that.
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