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* Live Streaming via GGWP Live

For about the past year, since May/June 2017, live streaming has been provided through GGWP Live.

Through this past year of my overall streaming time, having begun September 2012, it's been in various form and locations. Well, about the past 7-8 months, I have been able to use a source, though it's been a pain to keep up with as they kept a short leash on the time allowed. I've since lost access to them, but that's okay because I come across BestBuy IPTV thanks to a member of GGWP Live, which I will bring ESPN, FS1, etc, beyond the PAC-12 Network of feeds which will be open access.

So because of the investment that is needing to be made to allow the access, without the need to babysit them, (will be 24/7), there may be a common login in the next few weeks, but not immediately, and then will be posted here.

Upon donation or subscription] you will be sent the link to the paid members area that by default will be your member name either here or on GGWP Live, along with your associated email and a randomly generated password. Once figured out, there will be a page available that you could change your password if so desired.

Thank you, Beardown [or lay down] and keep on enjoying the services provided. Brian GizmoCatDuck 2256 PT 5/10/18

Since: 6/19/2017