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Author Topic: Missouri football gets 1 year post season ban for tutor doing students work  (Read 571 times)

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Missouri Football will face a postseason ban for 2019-20 due to a tutor completing work for 12 student-athletes.


UNC basketball basically got away with the same thing and the only difficult is Missouri admitted way they did and UNC did not. This is why you never self sanction.


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UNC claimed many non-athlete students got the same benefit of getting passing grades for classes not attended. Guess their degree is worth what? Can't be much if students never attended class. Isn't that still accedmic fraud? Oh wait it was UNC. They are NCAA faves and get nothing. Like the Auburn USC football comparison. Seems someone could sue them with an anti trust ?????

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Mizzou screwed up by turning themselves in.

The NCAA had no control regarding the legitimacy of UNC's fake classes.  Since the NCAA was recently "shown up" by the FBI & is losing their grip on the rest of collegiate sports, they had to "make an example" out of MU. 

Completely ridiculous that the upcoming seniors won't have an opportunity to play in a bowl game because of an advisor/tutor that likely had nothing to do with them. 

The point is...act like Bruce Pearl, give the middle finger to the NCAA and force them to "dig"...and determine whether you did anything wrong.  If you blow your own whistle, you'll obviously get killed.


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