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Author Topic: Brother of Texas recruit Mo Bamba says he took $$, big bro was UofA player  (Read 463 times)

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Prized Texas recruit Mohamed Bamba was accused by his older brother in a rambling, profanity-laden FaceBook video of having accepted cash and gifts from a financial advisor in Michigan.

Ibrahim Johnson, a 6-foot-7 forward whose basketball career ended at Division II Montevallo, posted the 22-minute video on Wednesday afternoon. Shirtless and sitting poolside, Johnson alleged that Bamba accepted $200 a week in cash, vacations and gifts, including a California king size bed, from Greer Love, who is a vice president at Huron Capital.

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I thought blood was supposed to be thicker than water?
You have family members salty and because they can, blast the business on social media?
What did M.Bamba do that was bad enough that this guy would want to tell all the business on social media?
Whatever it was, I hope it was worth possibly ruining your brother's college career before it even started.

Sometimes you need to just eat it and let it ride.
People being petty nowadays always wanting to make sure they "get theirs" in the situation.

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I was just going to post this!  Man.. that is one fucked up family lol.  Glad Sidiki made it easy for us and got himself kicked off the team pretty early.  Sounds like he would have been terrible for our team.  Im glad Sidiki's younger? brother wasn't able to screw things up for Mo.  I guess the NCAA has looked through this and cleared him.  Maybe when Mo makes it he can pay for some family counseling lol
Bear Down.


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