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[1] ASU cancels Mill madness due to "inclement weather" 10% chance of rain 😂

[2] ASU has a banner up bragging about being the 2017 play in game runner up 😂

[3] ASU has to warn students not to drink paint 😂

[4] Reaction from ASU fans after loss & San Diego St trolls the Scum devils 😂

[5] Video of ASU admissions office going through applications 😂

[6] ASU Rugby player who kick UofA player in face gets 1 day in jail 😡

[7] Ex-ASU basketball player arrested for stealing ambulance #ASUSucks

[8] WOW, Signed ASU basketball was found at Scottsdale Goodwill 😂

[9] Wow, even Trump knows that ASU Sucks


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