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Author Topic: UCLA loses in tourney & Bruins fans want Alford fired for coach like Miller  (Read 256 times)

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UCLA loses to St Bonaventure & Bruins fans are calling for Alford's head

Check out the 160+ comments from UCLA fans at the bottom of the page of the link below

Here's one of the posts that I actually agree with on Miller vs Alford from a UCLA fan

For Bruins nation. Does the UCLA brand have any reasonable identity links to Steve Alford?

One of the reasons Arizona loves Sean Miller, is because he personifies the Arizona brand and fan base. And that is, someone who is a relentless worker, exhibits sincere passion and energy, demands high level attention to detail, is in solid control of his team, and level of play. He is ludicrously articulate, instantly takes responsibility for shortcomings, missteps and/or poor coaching. With Miller, you know he will not take his foot off the coaching gas peddle.

In contrast, when I think of UCLA, I think of a program built around a basetball professor. A highly skilled educator of the game. A brand that sets the basketball bar nationwide for how the game should evolve and be played. A fan base whos focus is not about winning (because thats a given), but more in line with UCLAs leadership role in evolving the game. The same way Steve Kerr and the warriors have set the NBA trend.

Long story short, Alford and UCLA have nothing in common. It was a bad match from the very beginning, and even if Alford brings in a steady dose of number 1 recruiting classes, its a bad identity fit for UCLA.

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As a frequent lurker on BN I can attest to their unraveling. I believe we as Wildcat fans should celebrate Alford. He keeps UCLA mediocre no matter how many burger boys he gets and their fanbase is totally fed up. There is still plenty of hate for Miller on that site but man does Steve Alford inspire rage from UCLA nation.


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