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Author Topic: Kobi Simmons was answering questions on Twitter & ingored all Q's about UofA  (Read 456 times)

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Kobi Simmons was answering questions through the Memphis Grizzlies Official Twitter page today.  He answered almost all of the questions except for the questions asked regarding the Arizona Wildcats.  Kobi was asked questions about Sean Miller & his time with the Wildcats & he did not answer any of them.  The closest he got to answering a question about UofA was when he was asked about the biggest difference between Arizona & Memphis.  He answered "Weather & the drive"

Kobe did not have the best parting of ways with the Wildcats.  He pretty much checked out near the end of the season & was not giving his all or follow coach Miller's instructions, which is why his playing time vanished. He's still good friends with all of the players on the team, so he will stay connected in that way, but not so much with the coaching staff.  We'll see if that changes as the years go by.

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As a Cats fan I feel we owe him nothing.  I'm not at all invested in how he does in the NBA.

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I believe that A.Trier coming back is what messed him up.
When you look at it, he was doing well before he came back, once he (Trier) came back, his (Simmons) minutes began to go down, as did his level of play/intensity on the floor.
Even if we had that entire season without A.Trier, K.Simmons would not have been a solid OND candidate because his numbers wasn't good enough and we didn't go far enough in the tourney.

I am not for some of the decisions that these kids (or their handlers) make for them, but it is what it is and he decided to leave as opposed to staying and making the right business decision for his own future.
I guess we can insert C.Comanche in that last sentence as well since it fits..


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