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Author Topic: How many points, rebounds, & assists do you think Zeke Nnaji will average?  (Read 541 times)

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I assume that there are approximately 85 minutes for the frontcourt because Gettings may play 5 MPG at the SF position during the limited time that Miller runs a big lineup.

Chase had 25 MPG last year.  I think he is on the court for 25-30 MPG.

With Luther gone, I think Ira steps into Luther's 25 MPG slot because he showed a lot of improvement as the conference season progressed.

Gettings isn't a true frontcourt player, but he appears to be a team leader that should get 10-15 MPG.

Koloko likely won't see 5 MPG (barring an injury to another key player).

That leaves 10-15 MPG for Nnaji, who will absolutely make the most of his minutes.  If he plays to his potential, I'd love to see him as a starter (with Ira coming off the bench as the "energy guy").

Respectfully disagree on several points:

- Stone Gettings will not play one single minute at SF.
- There would still only 80 minutes available for PF and C.
- I think it's much closer to Jeter - 25mpg, Lee - 25 mpg, Nnaji - 25mpg, Gettings - 5mpg with Koloko getting mop up duty

I think you pretty close on the minutes distribution.

Gettings is interesting. He is listed at 6'9", same as Luther. Most of his stats from Cornell are eerily similar to Luther's last year. Gettings averaged 4.8 rebounds in three years at Cornell. Luther averaged 4.3 last year.   He shot 117  three pointers in last year at Cornell and hit the .368 mark. Luther took 120 last year and hit .375.  At 6'9" as a college four, he has to have some shooting range...as Luther did. I suspect he will be used a lot like Luther was.   

I think Lee is my favorite player from last year - and he has Aaron Gordon's athleticism....problem is he does not Aaron Gordon's talent. He is the Eugene Edgerson of this team - he is simply not good that good. And I think he's pretty close to his ceiling in Miller's low ceiling system. Miller has always shown propensity for steady, solid, consistent players like Luther and TJ and even Smith over stunning athletes who maybe lacked polish (Simmons, Doutrive, Hollis-Jefferson as a freshmen...). I think Lee will get more minutes this year than last, but Gettings seems like a Miller-favorite prototype. If anything I'd throw more minutes Gettings way and fewer to Lee. Perhaps if Miller sustains a massive head injury and forgets everything he 'knows' about basketball and then decides to use athleticism and speed to his advantage for a change...well then I can see Lee exploding next year. 

I also think Jeter's footwork and range and quickness would make sense in a set where we want a four closer to the basket with Nnaji playing center.
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Really hope Nnaji shows out even more than Green. Its going to take some work. Miller likes to run his upperclassmen so I see Gettings starting our season at the 4, especially after being here part of last year. If Nnaji is solid enough to pass Stone and Lee in rotation, which i think he is, this will be a fun team. 6/4 to start the season and 12/6/2 to finish once hes a starter.

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Read em and weep

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11 p, 4 r, 1.5 a.


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8pts, 3reb., 1

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If this team has a great year I expect he has a big role.  Hell need to average 20+ minutes a game.  Put up  8-10 ppg 5-6 rpg 2 apg.

When weve been great weve has 5-6 players above 10 PPG. Zeke will be a player that needs to push that 10 line to support greatness.


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