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Author Topic: Devon Dotson Visits tomorrow & the latest on Grimes, Quinerly, Little, & Green  (Read 410 times)

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Dotson moved from Chicago to Charlotte in sixth grade and doesn’t care what city he lives in next.

As long as the basketball is good, that is.

“Distance is not a factor,” he said. “Just a place I can fit in.”

That gives Arizona a chance to land the four-plus-star 2018 point guard from Charlotte’s Providence Day School, something the Wildcats will try hard to do when and after Dotson takes an official visit to Tucson starting Tuesday.
Dotson said last week in Las Vegas that Arizona has been recruiting him for about a year and that he’s been in touch with UA coach Sean Miller and assistant coach Mark Phelps, but has yet to visit Tucson.

“It’s just stepping on campus and seeing how the environment there is,” Dotson said after Miller watched him in an Adidas Summer Championships game last week.

That Arizona hasn’t been able to show him that environment already is a disadvantage the Wildcats often have to overcome in recruiting with their out-of-region targets, of which there are many in the classes of 2018 and 2019.

While Arizona annually can persuade young prospects from California or Arizona to make the easy unofficial visit to Tucson, perhaps attending the Red-Blue showcase or a regular-season game when McKale Center is in full bloom, some out-of-region prospects wait until they can take official (school-paid) visits before they can see the place.

With its class of 2018 and 2019 recruiting efforts, Arizona is literally scattered throughout the country — and the world — going after players from both Carolinas, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, Canada and Australia.

Here’s a breakdown on some of the others in that group who played in Las Vegas last week:

Quentin Grimes, 2018 combo guard, Dallas
Grimes actually made it in for the Red-Blue Game last October and plans to return for an official visit.

“They say I’m the top priority for them right now,” Grimes said at the Adidas Summer Championships. “They’ve been on me heavy. Coach (Sean) Miller calls me almost every day, coach (Mark) Phelps is on me almost every day, so they’re really high on me right now. I’m definitely going to take an official visit for sure.”

The UA coaches’ interest is easy to understand: Grimes is a big guard who can handle the ball and defend bigger players. He even took on an opposing power forward in an Adidas game last week.

“They just said I would come in and run the show for them, play on the ball and off the ball, and play with other good players, which would make my role a lot more easier,” Grimes said. “I can play point guard, shooting guard and guard a small forward. Whatever they need me to do.”

Grimes said he is planning to visit Kansas and Arizona unofficially, with others possible.

Jahvon Quinerly, 2018 point guard, Hackensack, N.J.
Quinerly took an official visit to Arizona in June and, while the Wildcats didn’t get a quick commitment from the five-star prospect, he appears to remain serious about them.

“It was great being able to experience the whole atmosphere in Tucson,” Quinerly said.

A skilled point guard with a strong basketball IQ and ability to play off the ball, Quinerly said he plans to also visit UCLA and Kansas, but doesn’t have dates in mind yet.

Nassir Little, 2018 small forward, Orlando
Little’s summer came to an abrupt end Wednesday when he injured his ankle at the Adidas Summer Championships, but he was one of the most-improved players in the spring and summer.

As such, Arizona faces even more competition for him, but Little says his interest in the Wildcats remains high.

“I like their message to me,” Little said. “They’re one of those schools that are successful year in and year out. They put guys in the NBA who play my position, one and done, so they have experience, and it’s a basketball school. So there’s a lot of positives.”

Little said the UA coaches have compared him to Stanley Johnson with a better jump shot at a comparable stage in their careers.

“That gives me a higher chance,” Little said. “If they can get Stanley in the league and if I have his playing style with better shooting, I feel like there’s really a good chance for me to do that.”

Little says he has only scheduled one official visit so far – to Georgia Tech on Aug. 26 – but is considering visiting Arizona, UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Oregon and St. John’s.

Georgia Tech’s involvement represents the first significant time that former Arizona player and coach Josh Pastner will be recruiting against his old school while in Atlanta. Pastner took over Georgia Tech before last season.

“I’m really close to them,” Little said of Georgia Tech. “They’ve been the most consistent program of any school that’s recruited me. I feel like they never let up at all. You can tell when they’re locked in on a guy; they’re really focused. They went hard and they made it clear how much they want me and that’s why they got my first official.”

Josh Green, 2019 combo guard, Sydney, Australia
As they did with Bahamian big man DeAndre Ayton, whose mother grew to like Arizona while he played with Phoenix’ Hillcrest Prep, the Wildcats received a geographical break when Green moved to the Phoenix area. He played for Glendale Mountain Ridge in 2015-16 and with Ayton at Hillcrest last season.

“My dad got a job here and there’s just better basketball opportunities over here,” Green said. “It’s definitely been a big change from a bigger city to the desert, but I’ve really enjoyed it especially basketball-wise.”

Green said he appreciates Arizona’s strong interest in him so far – the entire Wildcat staff showed up Thursday night to watch him play for the Earl Watson 16U team – but that he’s been more focused so far on his game than recruiting.

At 6-foot-5, Green is a bigger guard with considerable athleticism and good defensive potential.

“I feel like I’m very versatile,” Green said. “I can play one through four and defend multiple positions. … I’d definitely say I’m a transition type of guy. I like to get up and down the court, be a lockdown defender and have a midrange game.”

Although Ayton is certain to be gone from Arizona by the time Green plays college ball, their relationship can’t hurt the Wildcats’ recruiting efforts.

“We talk daily,” Green said of Ayton. “He’s definitely a close friend and definitely somebody I liked to have as a teammate.”


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Dotson is on his official visit as I type this.  BEARDOWN!

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Very nice breakdown of some of our top targets in the 2018 and 2019 recruiting classes.
I'm wondering who the first domino is going to be for us heading into completing this class?


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