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Author Topic: Akot VS Dort A tale of two Canadian basketball players  (Read 757 times)

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Re: Akot VS Dort A tale of two Canadian basketball players
« Reply #24 on: March 12, 2019, 02:52:53 PM »
Yeah, Barcello's shooting issues are definitely a coaching problem.  Makes perfect sense.  You're so blind with your Miller hatred that you've completely lost the ability to have a rational thought about AZ basketball.

It is not blind hatred.

I hate Miller because of all the corruption, 6 assistants in 2 years and being the butt of jokes on national media outlets. I hate his (and AZ's) arrogance and refusal to address the issue(s)

I hate his in game coaching, his refusal to change with the times or adjust to the fact that he is not a mid major coach anymore.

I hate the talent level he has brought us down to.

I hate the weak scheduling.

I hate not making the tournament.

I hate not making the final four.

Apparently, no one else is bothered by these things.

On Barcello:

High School player shoots .593 from the field. We're in Salim Stoudamire territory here. How does that player spend 2 years in a system and have it drop to .391?

At some point do you not get your coaches together and maybe try do something different with Barcello? Maybe he just needs to shoot more and practice with the team less.

I do not know what the solution is - he is more than athletic enough, has a great motor and hustles on D. On ball I think he might be our best defender. He has the intangible stuff you can't teach, a nose for the ball etc...He creates his own shots easily, he moves well without the ball, his form is excellent, and the guy can't buy a basket for large sections of the game.   

Ultimately how is that NOT coaching? Whatever mechanical, psychological, motivational, training, conditioning, repretative impetus he needs, IT IS THE COACH'S RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND THAT AND GIVE IT TO HIM.

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Re: Akot VS Dort A tale of two Canadian basketball players
« Reply #25 on: March 12, 2019, 05:21:49 PM »
Barcelloís shot hasnít been altered by the staff. The has a smooth stroke.

Despite missing frequently, the coaches give him additional opportunities to try and get into a rhythm. I donít know if itís a lack of confidence or the pressure of D-1 ball. My assumption is that heís just in a funk.

Thereís no lack of hustle...so Miller isnít to blame for Barcelloís lack of production. Itís purely mental...and I hope he overcomes the hurdle soon.

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Re: Akot VS Dort A tale of two Canadian basketball players
« Reply #26 on: March 13, 2019, 10:14:17 AM »
Liquid I'm sorry you don't like fans like me. I've missed watching maybe 40 games since 86-87 and those were mostly because I moved out of state for a couple of years, but I've always supported our players and coaches no matter what. You remind me of the fans who thought Lute should be fired after some early tournament losses and thought his teams were too soft. Judging a season's success to me isn't just what happens in the NCAA tournament - it's called March Madness for a reason, it's not like the NBA where you play a 7 game series and the best team always advances. We're still two plays away from 2 final fours under Miller and I think he'll get us there. And like the players develop I hope he's still growing and developing as a coach and over time he'll make some changes, but I'm going to support him as long as he's our coach. It's one thing to have a different opinion but you also like to just make up facts to support your claims, which bothers me.

"Akots #1 problem is his frame of mind." Maybe the same is true for Barcello. During the ASU game the announcer said he was at practice and didn't think AB missed a shot. Dude can shoot and Miller hasn't ruined that, hopefully he can hit the switch and start nailing them in games and be a weapon for this team in the future. He's got a lot of heart and plays hard but it hasn't translated to his shooting yet, hopefully one day it will.

"Nick Johnson's sophomore year was worse than his freshmen year." Not true. His percentages all went up and he scored almost 100 points more his 2nd year. His percentages dropped his jr year because his usage went up and teams focused on him more but he scored over 200 points more than his sophomore year. Here are his actual stats.

GP   GS   Minutes   Totals   3-Point   Free-Throws   Rebounds   PF   FO   AST   AST/G   T/O   BLK   STL   PTS   AVG
MIN   AVG   FG   FGA   PCT   FG   FGA   PCT   FT   FTA   PCT   OFF   DEF   TOT   AVG
2011-12   35   28   983   28.1   99   268   .369   40   125   .320   74   109   .679   19   95   114   3.3   79   3   85   2.4   67   19   26   312   8.9
2012-13   35   35   1099   31.4   137   306   .448   42   107   .393   87   122   .713   14   113   127   3.6   65   1   112   3.2   66   20   68   403   11.5
2013-14   38   38   1255   33.0   205   474   .432   62   169   .367   146   187   .781   31   123   154   4.1   76   1   107   2.8   64   25   43   618

Ayton was ranked higher (slightly) but Zeus was the number 2 center, behind Steven Adams. Cameron Ridley was #3, DaJuan Coleman was #4, Shaquille Cleare was #5, Willie Cauley-Stein was #6 and Andre Drummond was #14. I bet they'd rank different now and either a lot of coaches don't develop players or rankings don't always predict the future.

Kobi Simmons came in as a one and done no matter what and never bought in and he didn't grow any as a pro either. He's a high volume shooter that can't shoot very well or do anything else to contribute.

"Gabe York and improvement are oxymorons." Guy went from averaging 2.4 points a game his freshman year to over 15 per game his senior season and was 2nd team All-Pac 12.

It's true we've been lacking in the point guard spot minus TJ, but Miller still finds a way to win us a ton of games. I'm not sure TJ would be in the NBA without Miller but I wouldn't put anything past him. That was a great get by Miller and one of my favorite Wildcats.

Coleman and Luther might not have been the players we thought we were getting but I think they tried, and plenty of other transfers turned us down so we were lucky to get them with all that was going on with the program.

This year's squad played their hearts out but we had a bunch of role players playing in positions in they weren't supposed to be in. Miller had the #1 class coming in before the scandal and these guys were probably meant to be role players. Our record, when healthy, wasn't bad but with the injuries our depth really showed. I still enjoyed watching them and feel they represented the UA with class. The players coming back are AZ good but they could use one or two stars to help them shine in their roles. And Ira Lee is AZ good, I can't wait to see him next year.

We're not winning the PAC-12, even in a down year, with this year's team and everyone knew it going in, but I still watched almost every game and took today off to watch the Cats even though I don't think we have a very good chance to beat USC.
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