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Author Topic: Without the Schlabach B.S. Article....  (Read 553 times)

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Re: Without the Schlabach B.S. Article....
« Reply #10 on: January 26, 2019, 02:01:19 PM »
My point is that they were only "allegations", yet the perception is that Miller has destroyed our program (that was falling into a black hole prior to his arrival).

The worst penalties under Miller's tenure was Keanu Pinder sitting for ONE game and Phelps going a week without pay (I think).  Pretty minuscule, considering ESPN makes it seem like Pitino is coming to "clean up" the Pac-12.

The program was not falling into any 'black hole' when Miller arrived, they had just gone to the sweet 16. There was talent and tradition - some of it did not work out but it was there and it had been exceptionally well coached. I'm not an O'Neill fan - but he is great coach at getting the most out of his players. Dunlap, as a head coach, had won 2 national championships and was the national runner up and played in 2 other Final Fours in Division II. He's not doing so well at Layola, but he is widely respected as a brilliant X's and O's guy. Reggie Geary has become a championship coach as well. Our players had great instruction, played hard and were talented, high BB IQ guys. That is not a black hole.

Pretty sure you or I could have coached that team to a similar record. Maybe not recruit like Miller did (still maybe his best over all class)

Mike Stoops inherited a black hole from Whackovic.  Lute inherited a black hole from Lindsey.

"How does this guy still have his job?! That makes no sense...the world is getting nuked around him and Sean Miller is still there..."  - Mark Titus

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Re: Without the Schlabach B.S. Article....
« Reply #11 on: January 26, 2019, 07:08:20 PM »
The 2008-09 accomplishments are moot because Miller didnít inherit those players.

In April 2009, Arizona has zero recruits and the roster consisted of Jamelle Horne, a ďrawĒ Kyle Fogg, Lavender, Shumpert, Judkins, Jacobson...and Miller had to convince Wise to remain at the bare-cupboard program.

If Miller didnít come in and quickly recruit the six kids to Tucson (including Wise), Horne and Fogg would be the only two contributors left on the team. That is a serious black hole.

Phelps helped a player by loaning money so he could see family. Thatís dedication. He had the intent to get reimbursed and the NCAA obviously agreed that it was a ridiculous sanction because they ignored the situation.

Archie never had issues. Romar never had issues. Regardless of Luteís past, the timing of his major violation still affected the program. The fact that he tried to remain as the head coach after the stroke kept the Cats from hiring a coach during the offseason  and if it werenít for Miller, we might be a bottom feeder in an awful PAC-12. 

Thatís why Iím patient with Millerís postseason struggles. Things could be much worse with Floyd, Pastner or OíNeill.


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