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Author Topic: Arizona's Lee & teamates having fun dancing in the UofA locker room Part 1  (Read 366 times)

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Part 1
Ira Lee, Keanu Pinder and Brandon Randolph having fun in the Arizona Wildcats locker room. Randolph is my new favorite player with that same slow creepy walk err dance and the look on his face staring at the camera 😂

Part 2 will be posted later today or tomorrow and it's a video of DeAndre and the other CATS just going off in the locker room having a blast 😁

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Must be nice to be a basketball player at the University of Arizona.

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This team looks like they really get along off the court, just having fun!!

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I love the videos you're posting up of the guys in the locker rooms & stuff! I'm loving this website!!  Thank you for making this & hopefully by the time the seasons starts a lot more people will start to join & find out about this site.


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