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Author Topic: Mistake after mistake after mistake...  (Read 762 times)

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Re: Mistake after mistake after mistake...
« Reply #10 on: September 17, 2019, 10:24:10 AM »
IMO, if you are going to criticize someone for a loss, then you have to credit them for a win. There is no middle ground there. Coaches did a good job last night, no matter how good or bad Texas Tech is, we dictated the game we played.
I give them all credit for prepping and executing the way they should have. Good job. Now back to reality....

It is sad to think that it took nearly 4 years and a bunch fan criticism to finally get the defense to play defense for a game. Where the hell was this last year...where was it at the beginning of this season. I just can't make myself believe that they turned a corner and everything is good on D now. I am still on the fire Yates bandwagon until the D can prove that the TTU game wasn't a fluke and they have come up with something that actually works. My fear is that the TTU game was an anomaly. Now the "new look" D is on film and everyone will be looking at it and finding the weaknesses. So until it stands up against more than one opponent....Yates should tread lightly imo.

Oh yes, absolutely.  We need to see an entire season of this...I would still fire Yates right now if I had to make a choice of keeping him or letting him go. 

Hopefully, we have turned a corner and even in the coming losses we will play well. 

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